The Need For A Separation Agreement, The Need For A Solid Attorney

At the law office of Steven J. Gaba, I provide comprehensive family law representation. With nearly 25 years of my legal career devoted to family law matters in Rockville, Maryland, I understand the emotional and financial struggles clients experience during the divorce process. I also understand how individuals can minimize the stress and anxiety through legal separation.

A separation agreement is a contract that allows you and your spouse to outline details if you decide to pursue divorce. I have decades of experience reviewing, revising and drafting separation agreements. As a skilled attorney, I can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course. When you need solid advice and skills in separation matters, I can provide it.

Separation Agreements Address Numerous Sensitive Matters

My involvement with the International Association of Collaborative Professionals as well as my extensive experience negotiating complex divorce issues enable me to draft agreements that meet the needs of every participant. As with my divorce representation, I advise clients to pursue collaborative law methods to preserve control over the outcome of their legal separation.

My extensive experience as a lawyer includes drafting separation agreements that address issues such as:

With nearly 25 years devoted to Maryland divorce cases, I understand how to draft a separation agreement for court approval. I understand the different policies and guidelines and will tailor my representation to your unique situation.

Call Me Now for A Consultation; I Will Represent You

A separation agreement may be an alternative to divorce. However, this avenue is not for everyone. I can discuss with you whether a separation is right for you. Contact me at 301-738-7770.