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At the law office of Steven J. Gaba, I provide in-depth divorce and family law representation. I understand that talking about money and property during courtship can be difficult, and for some individuals, money is a sensitive issue. With nearly 25 years of experience dedicated exclusively to divorce cases, I also understand the financial consequences associated with divorce, and how prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help minimize your consequences.

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Prenup Agreements

Prenuptial agreements provide a way for individuals to learn more about their intended spouses' assets or debts before entering into a legal union. Premarital agreements also enable couples to outline their rights and obligations in the event their marriage ends in divorce. These agreements can be especially useful for individuals entering into marriage with children from previous unions or significant assets.

Postnup Agreements

As an experienced Bethesda postnuptial agreement lawyer, I also understand the various benefits associated with properly drafted postnup agreements. I have drafted original agreements, as well as reviewed and revised postnuptial agreements for countless individuals. My extensive experience enables me to address complex marital property issues. Postnuptial agreements are designed to outline rights and obligations in the event a couple decides to legally separate or divorce.

Same-Sex Unions

Maryland law does not provide the same benefits to gay and lesbian couples that it does for married couples. It is important to have appropriate agreements in place to protect your rights during your civil union, as well as after dissolution. A properly drafted agreement can address how assets and debts, including mortgages and property, will be divided if you end your relationship. I have helped countless same-sex couples by drafting original agreements, as well as reviewing and revising current agreements.

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