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The divorce process can be complicated enough with minimal assets and property. The process for addressing divorce issues involving high net worth couples enhances the complexity of the case. When high value assets and properties are involved in a divorce, it is especially important that your lawyer have experience handling the valuation of those types of assets, as well as having the knowledge to identify and prove those that are not marital.

At my Rockville office, clients have trusted me, divorce attorney Steven J. Gaba, with their high net worth divorces and other family law matters for nearly 25 years. I understand how to identify and protect specific assets. When necessary, I will consult with forensic accountants to trace business assets and other property.

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Dividing Property In High-Asset Divorces

Property division for business owners and high net worth individuals is extremely involved. It is essential that we ascertain the proper value of all of the assets to see that the property is fairly divided, according to the law of equitable distribution.

Uncovering all of the assets can also pose a challenge, if a spouse has foreign bank accounts or any offshore businesses or accounts. I work tirelessly to see that all assets and property are accounted for and dealt with accordingly.

Business Valuation

When a couple is involved in a closely held or family business, it can make the property division process even more difficult. A thorough business valuation must be done to determine the total assets and liabilities of the company. Only then can the property division process proceed and parties be properly compensated whether the business is dissolved or not.

Spousal Support Issues

The higher the income of a couple, the more likely that spousal support (alimony) will be awarded to one of the parties. The courts will consider a range of issues, including the income of each party and length of the marriage, before a determination is made. However, in situations where one party stayed at home while the other worked, it is highly likely that spousal support will be awarded.

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