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What are the differences between open and closed adoptions?

In our previous blog post, we discussed how adoptions are joyful family affairs. It is important that you take the time necessary to ensure that the adoption you are considering is the best option for your family. The type of adoption that you are using can have a big impact on your happiness in the future.

Adoptions: Joyful family law cases

If you think of family law, you might automatically think of negative things. Family matter is more than just high-tension child custody cases and contested divorces. We also handle adoptions that can change a child's life for the better. If you are considering adoption to grow your family, you should make sure that you know your rights and understand the process so that you are ready for each step as it comes.

Can good communication divorce-proof your marriage?

Check out any marriage self-help book and you'll see at least one chapter devoted to communication. Positive communication has long been seen by many as a way to save a bad marriage or prevent things from going downhill to begin with. However, a recent study out of the University of Georgia seems to indicate that good communication may not be the simple solution.

How should you handle finances during a separation?

Everything about ending a relationship is difficult, but separation periods before a divorce can be especially challenging. This is because you often feel like you are divorced but in reality, the marriage is still legally intact. You may be operating in a completely different place than your spouse and only see him or her during custody exchanges, but any decisions you make during this time can have a serious impact on your finances now and your divorce later on.

Grandparents' rights and mediation

Grandparents can be an integral part of a child's upbringing, and many serve as major influences for the children. More practically, grandparents are often the main child care provider, especially for very young children, when the parents have to work or have other obligations. Because of this, when a grandparents I not able to see their grandchild, whether as a result of the parents' divorce or because on parent has passed away, it can create a very difficult situation.

What is the legal definition of a father in Maryland?

While it may seem unusual to have to define who a father is according to the law, it is an important legal matter that many unmarried parents must deal with. Until a father is legally declared for the child, there can be no decisions made on visitation or child support. Understanding how the family courts determine who the legal father is in these situations is an important part of being prepared for your case.

Tips for dealing with parenting conflicts with your ex

Every divorced parent is concerned about making mistakes. Don't worry -- you will, and so will your ex. However, it's how you deal with those mistakes, both the ones you make and particularly the ones that your ex makes, that can help you both build a better co-parenting relationship for the sake of your kids.

What should Marylanders know if they opt for 'limited divorce'?

Maryland has something called a "limited divorce" or "legal separation." Couples may choose to go this route if they aren't ready to end their marriage with a divorce but choose to live apart and want to codify some agreements.

Some important resolutions for newly-estranged people

This is the time when everyone is making New Year's resolutions. If you're recently separated or divorced, just making the resolutions is an important step. Doing your best to keep them can help make the new year a happier and healthier one for you and your children. They can also set you on the road to having a healthy relationship with your ex.