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January 2016 Archives

The key stages of divorce for people over 50

Many of our readers have heard that the number of people divorcing in their 50s and older is increasing. This phenomenon (somewhat unflatteringly named "gray divorce") is occurring even as divorce among all other age groups is decreasing. About 25 percent of all divorces in this country involve at least one spouse who is over 50.

Olympic skier facing charges for altercation with her dad

Most people associate crimes involving domestic violence with fights between intimate partners. However, domestic violence charges can involve any family members. That is the case with Picabo Street, the gold medal-winning former Olympic skier.

What should Marylanders know if they opt for 'limited divorce'?

Maryland has something called a "limited divorce" or "legal separation." Couples may choose to go this route if they aren't ready to end their marriage with a divorce but choose to live apart and want to codify some agreements.

Moving in with your partner? Why you should have a 'no-nup'

An increasing number of couples in Maryland and throughout the country are deciding to live together instead of or before getting married. Without a marriage certificate, if you're combining your finances and sharing a home, there are some practical matters that you need to work out. Many certified financial planners as well as attorneys recommend that unmarried couples who decide to share a household draft a "no-nuptial agreement" or "no-nup." It's similar to a prenuptial agreement drawn up by engaged couples before they wed.