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Rockville Mediation Lawyer

Bethesda Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce cases can be resolved through court intervention involved in litigation and trial, or by alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation and collaborative law. At the Maryland law office of Steven J. Gaba, I provide comprehensive mediation guidance.

Mediation involves working with a neutral third party to come up with resolutions to divorce issues or family law disputes. The downside of mediation is that you are on your own once you step into the room, unlike collaborative law, which involves all parties and attorneys working together to find solutions.

As a dedicated Rockville mediation attorney, I offer guidance in two ways. I can:

  • Act as a mediator. I am certified to act as a mediator and have been involved with countless mediations. My experience enables me to maintain the focus on mutual agreement and windows for compromise.
  • Advise clients on the mediation process. For those interested in pursuing mediation, I provide thorough preparation. I will discuss the process at every stage of development. My experience enables me to help clients identify core goals and negotiable issues, as well as help them learn how to stand their ground during negotiations.

You can decide to mediate any divorce issue from child custody and visitation to child support. After each issue is addressed and resolved, both parties must sign a formal agreement, which is entered into court. If mediation falters at any stage of negotiation, you still have the option to pursue other alternatives, including litigation and trial.

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